The Business of Growing Flowers

Claire Brown, Carol Siddorn and Paula Baxter are all artisan flower farmers in the UK. Through lots of trial and error, plenty of hard work, and sharing information between themselves, they have worked out how to make their businesses in different parts of the country work productively and profitably for them, and their customers. This online course is based on their advanced flower growing workshop that they have run successfully in Surrey, Cheshire and Scotland over the last three and a half years.

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How an Online workshop Works

The Course is delivered via an online workshop. The modules will be delivered throughout the Autumn and Winter between September and March. Each module will comprise a mixture of information, examples, worksheets, videos and check sheets. 

The lessons are available for you to complete when it's convenient to you. If you choose, you can set aside an hour or 2 each day, or if that doesn’t work for you, come back to it in your own time. 

There is an online forum for you to ask us questions and talk to other group members.

The Content

This online course is the combined information that Claire, Carol and Paula have put together to advance their businesses and make them a productive and profitable as they want.

Module 1 is all about Autumn preparation - It will help you think about the work that you can do in the Autumn that will save you time when the season is underway, giving you earlier, stronger and better flowers.

Module 2 is about planning for your market. Who will you be selling to next year? and what does that mean for what you’re going to grow. We’ll get you thinking about what and how many flowers to grow.

Module 3 is growing more flowers for less work. Yes it is the dream scenario, but what work can you put in to make your growing and you more productive and less wasteful in time and inputs.

Module 4 is what to grow? To ensure you get an edge on your competitors and thrill your customers you need to be on the cutting edge of trends, and know the minds of those who haven’t yet come to you. We’ll help you out.

Module 5 is about managing customers and suppliers. How do you make sure that everyone is happy, and stress levels stay low. How do you deal with feedback (both good and bad).

Module 6 is about making yourself more productive, how can you take care of yourself and yet get more out of what you do?

Module 7 is about record keeping. How do you know what you’ve done, and how that will effect what you do in the future. How and where do you keep records.

Module 8 is growing techniques to make you profitable. Even if you grow all the “right” stuff, is it going to make you money.

Module 9 is cutting, conditioning and presentation. Just ahead of the start of the spring season, we’ll cover this so important topic to ensure you are confident about how you are going to cut and present your flowers at top quality to your customers. .

Module 10 is about planning for the future. What are you aiming for in the next 2/5/10 years. Do you still want to be flower farming? We’ll talk about contingencies, succession planning and work / life balance


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Why should you sign up?

This Business of growing flowers course is a must for any flower farmer who is ready to advance their flower growing for the next season. Unless you already know how to make yourself more productive, more desirable to your customers, and all without spending more time and money, then you need this workshop.

We’ve designed the modules and poured in a huge amount of effort by thinking about all the questions and problems that we’ve come across and then solved in the last few years. You’ll get insights from 3 different parts of the UK, and information about how each of us cope with different soil, climatic and personal set ups

How much does it cost? The full course is £375 for all 10 modules. If you click the button below, you will be taken straight to this option.


What others say

A comprehensive course brimming with tried and tested information. Claire, Paula and Carol really know their stuff and are very generous in sharing the expertise they have built up. I have become a much more focused, efficient and organised flower grower and actually feel like I’m doing less work for more results.
— Mary Smith RubyBlooms
The workshop was highly informative and provided masses of of information about the business of flower farming that I hadn’t been able to find anywhere else.
This is the first workshop that is very focused on the “Business of Growing Flowers” - a lot of workshops will focus on just the growing importance, but this one has really important factors of the business. What really helped us so far is realizing that we need to sell all that we grow. - Attrition has been an amazing subject as well. As well as really searching for your customer(s) -what works for us! Through this course we’ve made a significant change to our overall farm plan. Thanks ladies for the great work in putting this course together!
Great presentation and really love the worksheets to go away and focus on how the points in the course apply to my plot/business. Also like the different input from Claire, Carol and Paula to questions as you are all growing on different soil types and in different climates and it’s good to get an idea of varieties of plants or techniques used that have worked well in different areas of the country. The comments section at the bottom of posts where you ask us a question is great for sharing ideas amongst everyone.