Prices, Costing and how to make a profit from your flowers

With a background in horticultural retail, and a degree with a manufacturing business element, Claire was not going to start up a business that was really just a hobby. But there isn’t a large margin for error in the flower business, get your prices wrong and either no-one will buy from you, or you won’t make the all important “p” word. This course is designed to take you through all about pricing and where to save and spend, to make sure that all your hard work puts you money in the bank at the end of each week

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How an Online workshop Works

The Course is delivered via an online workshop on the Ruzuku platform. The lessons comprise of a mixture of information, examples, worksheets, videos and check lists. 

The lessons are sent to you daily by email for you to enter when it's convenient to you. If you choose, you can set aside a few hours each day, and complete the workshop within 5 days. If that's not convenient, you can come back to it at a later stage and work on it in as many or as few parts as you'd like. 

There are also tele seminars for you to join if you wish to ask Questions, link with other workshop attendees, and make you feel like you're part of a live workshop group

The Content

This online course is structured to make you think about who you are going to be selling to and all the pricing and costing information you’ll need for those customers

Lesson 1 is all about your customers. Will they be wholesale or retail? Will they be situated locally to you? How much will they spend, and are they ideal for what you want from your business

Lesson 2 is about costs and expenses, what are they, which ones are hidden? do you need staff and how do you record what you spend.

Lesson 3 gives you lots of ideas to keep your costs low, so you can make more money

Lesson 4 is about what are you selling and to who? We’ll talk price points, whether sale or return is ever worth doing, and we’ll work through the Sales pricing you’ll need for each type of customer,

Lesson 5 is about profit, or whether making a loss is acceptable. we’ll look at budgeting seasonality and cash flow, and at the end of the week you’ll pull together you’re financial plan for the next season

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Why should you sign up?

This Prices, costing and how to make a profit from your flower farming course is a must for any flower farmer who isn’t really sure if they are charging the right price.

Without a solid background knowledge of what you are spending, and where you can save money (and where you have to spend it) you don’t have a base for your pricing, and you can easily find yourself working really hard, but unable to pay yourself at the end of the month.

I’ve used my insights from the last 14 years of self-employment to make sure that you realise all the costs realistically of having a business, and really ensure that you value yourself by charging the right price

your investment in this course is £179

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