Online workshops

Our online workshops are designed to be followed at your own pace. Any dates and times shown will be when the information will be first sent to you.

If you're keen and have plenty of time, each section can be worked through in several hours, which would include time for reading, and completing the exercises. so you could set aside a couple of hours each day from the date of signing up, and complete the course.

However we know that most people that sign up to these workshops are busy self employed business owners (some with day jobs as well!) and for that reason, although the information will be fed out to you over a period of time, you can come back to the lessons whenever you want, for however long you want. 

There are opportunities for Question and Answer sessions on all our courses.

If there is an end date stated on the course, this is the date where individual questions and answer sessions are no longer possible with us, however the course information will continue to be accessible.

Signing up

When you book one our our courses, you’ll create a password to allow you into the content of the courses.

Computer details

The courses we have designed will work on any computer platform, however if you log in to tele seminars from your tablet or phone, you may not have all the functionality of a desk top computer.