No Cost Low Cost Marketing Masterclass

As flower farmers and florists, we have a wonderful product that makes people smile, but although they look fantastic, flowers are a desire object, not a need. This Masterclass will go through the full range of marketing tools and methods available, and will ensure that you fully understand What marketing methods are appropriate for your business and your customers

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How an Online workshop Works

The Masterclass is delivered via an online workshop on the Ruzuko platform. The lessons comprise of a mixture of information, examples, worksheets, videos and check sheets. 

The lessons are sent to you daily by email for you to enter when it's convenient to you. If you choose, you can set aside a few hours each day, and complete the workshop within 5 days. If that's not convenient, you can come back to it at a later stage and work on it in as many or as few parts as you'd like. 

There are also tele seminars for you to join if you wish to ask Questions, link with other workshop attendees, and make you feel like you're part of a live workshop group

The Content

This masterclass is all the marketing information that Claire has amassed over 14 years of having her own business. 

Day one is all about What is Marketing? - What are you trying to do with your marketing and what methods can you use. We'll define no cost and low cost, and work out what you are already doing

Day two is about your customers, unless you know who your customers are, you don't know where to find them to market to them, and you won't know what it is they're wanting to hear. Define your ideal customers and it makes it simple to know how to reach them.

Day three is social media marketing - a huge subject, but how to you get Real Return on your investment?

Day four is your website - The best tool you have for the selling part of marketing, Today includes an audit of what you've already got, and works through your key skills that you need, so you know if you need additional expertise.

Day five is all about email marketing - reaching your customer on a regular basis, when they've given you permission to give them information and offers. We'll cover the GDPR regulations and how to create campaigns to ensure your marketing continues working while you're busy with the flowers.

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Why should you sign up?

This masterclass is a must for any flower farmer or florist who needs more customers this year. Unless you realise why you're marketing you can be wasting valuable time and money on schemes that don't work and produce results for you.

By the end of the 5 sessions you'll have a clear plan of who you are marketing too, which methods will work for you and the steps that you need to follow get your ideal customers to the point when not only are they buying regularly from you, but they are recommending you to everyone else. 

I'm so confident that this masterclass (investment £179 or £149 for fftf members) is a fantastic investment for every flower grower and florists, that i'm offering a money back guarantee. If you don't feel at the end of the workshop that you've learnt enough to gain at least an additional £179 worth of profit from customers, your money will be returned.

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