Introduction to Pricing short course

With a background in horticultural retail, and a degree with a manufacturing business element, Claire always knew that she needed to keep her costs low and get her pricing right to make money from her flower farming. Unless you’ve got a background in selling flowers, then you may not have any idea, about where to start with who to sell to, and at what price, so that’s where this course comes in. It’s going to give you the confidence to know.

1) I’ve grown a quality flower that is worth “£X”

2) These are the customers that I could sell them to

3) They are either retail or wholesale customers - (and you’ll know which one, and what the difference is)

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How an Online workshop Works

The Course is delivered via Articles, videos, audio, checksheets and planning points to ensure you’ve worked through how to your prices and costings will work in your personal business situation.

You can also choose to have a one to one Skype or telephone session with Claire to talk through your finished worksheets.

The Content

This online course is structured to make you think how you value products, and what that means for your flowers. It will look at the markets you could sell them to

Lesson 1 is about how you value yourself, your flowers and what you buy as a consumer

Lesson 2 is about what retail and wholesale mean, and who you should have as a customer.

Lesson 3 gives you clear information about the price differences between wholesale and retail selling

Lesson 4 talks about terms and conditions and why they have to be clear

Lesson 5 is your key points for moving forward with your pricing strategy.

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Why should you sign up?

This introduction to prices and costings course is for anyone at or just about to be selling flowers that they’ve grown. Whether it’s just a few stems, or a whole field of blooms.

Without a knowledge of who the markets are, and what they expect, plus an understanding of how you should value yourself and the work that you put into growing your flowers, you risk creating a failing business, and even worse, giving the locally grown flower industry a bad name.

I’ve used my insights from the last 15 years of self-employment to make sure that you realise the things to factor in when you start thinking about selling flowers.

your investment in this course is £49