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Free Online workshop - Retail v Wholesale who are you selling to?

Cut flowers. You're growing them - in your garden, on a field or your smallholding, but although they make the place look pretty, unless you sell them, there's no money going in your pocket. So who should you sell them to?

Do you know the difference between Retail and Wholesale customers? Which category do you sell to?

What will each one expect in terms of information, service, pricing? What will that mean for your business?

This one hour online workshop will look at who you could sell to, both Retail and Wholesale customers. Who they are, and what they'll expect, and what that will entail when you're planning and planting your growing.

It poses the Question "Can you sell to both retail and wholesale?"

This first of our online workshops is Absolutely Free, and is open to all.

It is hosted on Ruzuku, and will require you to create an account to be able to log into the workshop information.

If you've not taken part in an online course before, it is an easy system to use, and can be accessed from any device. Each lesson will be delivered with articles, presentations, and resources for you to fill in and think about, and there will be online polls for you to fill in.

There will also be an Optional evening teleconference, where you can phone in to a number, and listen to the Course Leader answering Questions raised by the information, as well as seeing slides on your computer screen.

If you are ready to sign up for next Wednesday's workshop, which can be worked through at your own pace, please click here