Continual personal development (CPD)

In some lines of business CPD is a requirement of continued employment. Topping up your knowledge, going on courses, conferences and training days is expected and factored in.

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When you work for yourself, you actually need even more continual personal development than if you are employed, because you do all the different parts of the business.

The Work, The Customer service, The Marketing, The Billing, The Communication AND, you’re in charge of keeping yourself inspired at the cutting edge of fashion and knowledge.

So, when you’re manically busy setting up and running your own business how do you manage to do that?

Talk to people - even a cup of coffee with local business owners may help

Networking - in person and online - formally or informally

Go to workshops -

Get trainers to come to you

Do online coures.

This year i’ve already booked myself of a “Day out” at Green and Gorgeous, to be inspired by Rachel and Ashley. I’ve joined a local networking group, which has already introduced me to a venue, some workshop partners ,and lots of potential customers.

I’ve booked Georgia from the Sussex flower school to come and do a training day with my staff, and I’m updating my marketing skills with an online course. Plus i’ll be in the audience at the Flowers from the Farm conference in February.

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Would my business continue to grow without me doing these training courses?

Personally I think the question for me, is would I want to continue in business if there was no growth personally for me.

How are you investing in your personal development this year?