Nimble business marketing

Nimble Small business marketing

If you deal with big companies to sell your flowers, there are all kinds of rules, departments and procedures you need to deal with.


It's made me realise how nimble small businesses are when it comes to marketing. Actually we’re much more likely to realise that we need to do more. 

If I havn't got the right photo on my website, I resize another and load it in - taking less than 5 minutes. I don't need to ask the Website department or fill in a form that confirms the photo is mine.

If I need to know people's opinion about something, I make up a survey, ask the questions send it out to my group, and find out within 24 hours - I don't need permission to set up a survey.

If I want to arrange a day with other people I check the diary, and say yes - I don't have to ask about budgetary constraints, or state that things have to be within certain timescales to be approved

(all real example of things that i've done for me, but couldn't get done by the 3 different "big businesses" I was working with)

Small businesses are nimble, and smart when it comes to Marketing

But you have to know what kind of Marketing will work for YOUR business, and how to make the work and any money that you put into marketing pay out in additional sales.

Over the 14 years i’ve been self employed and marketing my own business i’ve tried lots and lots of different methods of marketing, some free, some cheap, and some definitely not! Often the free methods of marketing are the best and quickest way to get you in front of lots of people, making your business better known. The Low cost, no cost marketing masterclass is all about the best ways to focus your marketing for your customers to get you real fast results.

It will be running several times this winter season, but for now, if you’d like to get more ideas and hints and tips for NO COST MARKETING, i’ll be running a free course and Teleseminar this Wednesday 10th October. The Teleseminar will be at 8pm, but if you sign up, you can hear the recording even if you’re not able to attend.

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