Claire Brown is a leader in the UK Artisan Cut flower industry, which is growing in popularity due to concerns about Imports, Environmental issues and Brexit price increases


Claire Brown has 26 years experience in horticulture, including garden centre management, garden design and as a speaker and advisor at the RHS at Wisley. 

She has used this knowledge of plants, and drawn on her years of horticultural experience to create a unique flower farm in Surrey from which she sells to florists, DIY brides and local flower lovers. 

Although she loves what she does, flower growing is a business, not a hobby, and she knows how important it is to ensure that her business is sustainable and profitable and that everything she grows has to be sold.

The Business of Selling flowers is the workshop that she created 4 years ago to help growers who haven't got a background in sales and marketing to make a profit from the flowers they grow. She also runs Low cost, no cost marketing, and Planning for productivity, and is now taking the content from those 3 courses online. Along with Carol Siddorn or Carol’s Garden and Paula Baxter of Mill pond flowers, she also created an Advanced flower farming workshop, which is now also on line and in more depth, to be worked on at your desk with all your figures and information available to you during the course.


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