5 Steps to a more Professional Flower Business

Claire Brown, Carol Siddorn and Paula Baxter are all artisan flower farmers in the UK. Through lots of trial and error, plenty of hard work, and sharing information between themselves, they have created capable, respected profiles that show their customers and anyone coming in contact with their business that they are serious and experienced flower farmers. This online course will give you their top 5 tips to project a professional image no matter the size of you plot or the amount of time you’re been trading.

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How an Online workshop Works

The Course is delivered via an online workshop. The modules have articles, audios and check sheets. 

The Content

We truly believe this information is invaluable to all flower farmers, and we’re keen to share it, so we’re letting anyone sign up for Free during September and October, please spread the word.


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Why should you sign up?

These are 5 small steps for you, but a giant leap for your business. From hobby to farm, from gardener to business minded professional. Step up now.


What others say

Great course content. The interactive teleseminars bring the lessons to life and enable me to ask questions specific to my situation.
The Business of growing flowers offers very relevant information that is UK based, led by three experienced and professional flower growers.
This is the first workshop that is very focused on the “Business of Growing Flowers” - a lot of workshops will focus on just the growing importance, but this one has really important factors of the business. What really helped us so far is realizing that we need to sell all that we grow. - Attrition has been an amazing subject as well. As well as really searching for your customer(s) -what works for us! Through this course we’ve made a significant change to our overall farm plan. Thanks ladies for the great work in putting this course together!
Great presentation and really love the worksheets to go away and focus on how the points in the course apply to my plot/business. Also like the different input from Claire, Carol and Paula to questions as you are all growing on different soil types and in different climates and it’s good to get an idea of varieties of plants or techniques used that have worked well in different areas of the country. The comments section at the bottom of posts where you ask us a question is great for sharing ideas amongst everyone.