Step 3

Know your Prices

What price do you sell your flowers at?

If you go into a restaurant, you wouldn’t order without a menu and prices.

If you wanted a beauty treatment, or haircut, you wouldn’t expect to turn up, and only be told the price at the end.

market bouquets-2.jpg

Without the price list, you don’t know whether the product you are getting is

  • cheap

  • value for money

  • totally worth it

  • luxurious

But all too often customers are expected to guess the price of flowers, or tell you what price point they want to spend. How do they know if they don’t have guidelines of what they’ll get for those prices.?

So to be able to give your customers the confidence that you are professional, you need to know what prices you are going to sell at.

Here are my retail prices

  • £10 for a seasonal bunch

  • £15 for a market bouquet

  • £39 and £49 for gift bouquets

  • and £35 for a flower arrangers bucket.

I know how many stems of flowers of which types I am going to put in each of these. (There’s plenty more information about this in the two Prices and Costings courses coming this Autumn)

But here’s a check sheet for you to download and fill in so you know your prices.