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Low cost, no cost marketing masterclass - Online workshop

You've sown your seeds, planted the plants, fenced out the rabbits, there will be a crop this year. But where's it going to? This course is designed to ensure you know exactly who all your flowers are going to, and how you will reach them in a way that makes them irrisistable.

You need all your marketing to hit exactly the right spot, and you need it to be cheap to get you sales, because you spent all your budget on Bulbs and plants.

This   5 day workshop will look at all the low cost, no cost marketing methods that you can use to contact your customers. By the end of the week, you'll be absolutely sure who it is you are contacting, and will have already implemented the first no -cost methods of making sure your customers love you and will keep coming back.

Your investment in this workshop is £179 (£149 for FFTF members)